A home based, church of the street and internationally, striving to serve the children and homeless in need of  a helping hand, with the purpose of offering full support for the following:  health, housing, education and safety. As a church in motion, we believe that wherever a mouth can be fed,  a person can be housed and a child can be led, we are there to make a difference, as we create a positive impact, locally and internationally.  We believe that it is vital to educate, promote and encourage health and safety by working toward minimizing crime, drugs, joblessness, and untreated mental illness, within the community. As we educate the community, offer compassion, and extend support to the homeless and children within the community and worldwide, we believe that as a church in motion, our job is to offer basic living resources, education, and support in our efforts to  assist those on the road to healing and recovery.


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