Yeshua Helping Hands, Inc.


Our team, serving a humantarian cause, represents a home based, church of the street and internationally, striving to serve the children and homeless in need of  a helping hand. Our main mission and purpose is to offer full support for the following:  health, housing, education and safety; along the same lines of safety, our additional goal serves to  provide future, free legal representaton/aid for those in need of justice and legal protection. . As a church in motion, we believe that wherever a mouth can be fed,  a person can be housed and a child can be led, we are there to make a difference, as we create a positive impact, locally and internationally.  We believe that it is vital to educate, promote and encourage health and safety by working toward minimizing crime, drugs, joblessness, and untreated mental illness, within the community. We truly believe in self help, healing, transition and rehabilitation for children and adults that are homeless, seeking free legal aid, and legal protection from discrimination, inequality, injustice and absue; so,  as we educate the community, offer compassion, and extend support to the homeless and children within the community and worldwide, we believe that our job is to provide basic living resources, education, and support, in every way possible, to assist those on the road to healing and recovery.

 As a church in motion, outside the walls of a traditional, manmade church, we believe that church is spirit, and an attitude, driven by the action of the heart. True church is not a building made by the hands of man or built upon stone, but it is spirit. It is moving outside our comfort zones, standing in the frontlines of the battlefield, and facing whatever challenges come our way. It is removing fear and replacing it with faith. Faith is a step we take, as we turn our back on fear, and walk closer to our dreams.  Every problem has a solution, time and season, As we move, we can prove, that change is around the corner.  Yeshua Helping Hands, Inc are here to represent the people and offer support, guidance, compassion, and a helping hand, so that children and adults challenged with poverty, illness, or homelessness can discover health, education, safety, and housing, no matter what barriers or mountains one may face.

Every positive action can create a successful reaction, driven by inspiration, motivation and dedication to overcoming obstacles and embracing success. Our nonprofit 501 C3 Church ministry is not about money, fame, or personal game; it is about helping others find success, life purpose, self-confidence and recovery. This is our mission. Our goal is to witness the fruit of our labor, and to see the outcome of our genuine efforts to house, as well as educate the orphan children, juvenile delinquents, and the homeless; furthermore, our drive for ambition and action is legitimate and evident in our volunteers/charity activities within our community. We are not about competition with other nonprofits, but we stand by and support the principle of team work,  partnership , collective ideas, and getting the job done. Yeshua Helping Hands, Inc strives for positive change within the community and worldwide, as we reach out and extend our hand to help with others nonprofits in the community who share our same vision. We hope that as the community learns and observes that we do what we say and we demonstrate what we believe as a church driven by our love and obedience to Yahweh /Yeshua God, it is about loving your neighbor as yourself and caring about your community and world, for we share the same planet and breathe the same air. As we join hands in unity, as we work together within the community, it is then that we find success, safety, health and serenity.

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