Yeshua Helping Hands, Inc: Church In Motion

Our vision is to empower the people with hope to change, from within, and to move beyond their struggle, rising up from homelessness and hunger,  to victory and success.
We believe that as we assist those in need, with the power of transiton, one can elevate in position, leading to new  change in position.
Lastly, our mission, driven by passion, is centered and directed along a future pathway, leading others to success; we strive to assist individuals in achieving  "Self Help," with the goal of leading others toward self empowerment, independence and recovered, self esteem.
Guide, mentor and support children in providing education, teaching health, providing safety and offering direction. Our primary objective is to encourage and support the development and advancement of Children's social skills, ability to listen, comprehension of guided instructions and adaptive learning skills. 
EIN# 83-4150120

Yeshua Helping Hands, Inc.

Church In Motion:


A Home based, church of the street and worldwide,  driven to work, as helping hands, to support education, housing, health, & safety for children and  homeless within the community & wordwide

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